PERLITE Coarse grade Potting media additive

Clean and weed-free

Perlite is a naturally occuring volcanic rock that will not rot or dissolve.

aerates and loosens the mix
Perlite will assist you in your efforts to get better results. Its aerating and water holding capacity make a great addition to growing media.


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PERLITE Coarse grade Potting media additive

The irregular shape of perlite hold the soil particles apart and allows air to reach even the smaller roots.

The amazing water-holding properties of perlite hold nutrients in the mix for longer.

  • Perlite is neutral pH, inorganic, inert and sterile
  • Free from disease, weeds and insects, is light-weight and non-toxic.
  • Insulates the mix reducing fluctuation in temperature

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  • Perlite is used by wholesale nurseries and plant growers all over the country.

“Perlite is used in soil mixes (including soilless mediums) to improve aeration and modify the soil substructure, keeping it loose, well-draining and defying compaction. A premium mix of one part loam, one part peat moss, and one part perlite is optimum for container growing, enabling the pot to hold just enough water and oxygen. Perlite is also great for rooting cuttings and fosters much stronger root formation than those grown in water alone. Take your cuttings and place them in a Ziploc bag of moistened perlite, about one-third full of perlite. Put the cut ends of the cuttings up to the node into the perlite and then fill the bag with air and seal it. Put the air-filled bag in indirect sunlight and check it after two or three weeks for root formation. The cuttings can be planted when the roots are ½  to 1 inch long. Other uses of perlite include masonry construction, cement and gypsum plasters, and loose fill insulation. Perlite is also used in pharmaceuticals and municipal swimming pool water filtration as well as an abrasive in polishes, cleansers and soaps.”
Read more at Gardening Know How: What Is Perlite: Learn About Perlite Potting Soil

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