Especially ideal for Orchids

Works great with our pot clips!

(Diam-150mm x Height-150mm)

The high transparency ensures rapid growth and healthy plants.
These 150mm Pots look fantastic in clear.


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150mm Orchid Standard Pot Clear


150mm Orchid Standard Pot Clear helps with healthy orchid root growth – A high transparency allows optimal root growth for any plant that require light in the root zone, especially with phalaenopsis Orchids. It is also an advantage to see the root development without disturbing the plants root system.


Diameter: 150mm

Height: 150mm

Volume: 1.9 Litres


Taglok label system

These pots feature the Taglok system which locks the compatible printed labels in so they don’t come out easily!

70mm Clear Orchid Pot

70mm Clear Orchid Pot

Drainage Holes

There are 8 drainage holes on the pot base (as seen in the pictures). They are approximately 10mm in diameter.

Using a Pot Clip Hanger

These small pots can be used in conjunction with the Pot Clip Hangers (pictured). The bottom of the pot is around the same height as the clip bottom. The clip fits on most wire hanging areas. For more info & pictures of the Pot Clip, click here. 

70mm Clear Orchid Pot

70mm Clear Orchid Pot

Root Trainers

The pot has been designed with vertical root trainer ‘ridges’ running up and down the inside of the pot (see picture). The job of these root trainers is to encourage the roots not to circle around the sides of the pot and waste the energy of the plant. Roots that will neither strengthen the plant or help in the uptake of nutrient are indeed a waste of the plants energy. Instead the roots should ideally travel to the bottom and fill in the mix right through the volume of the pot. You should start to see healthy root tips appear at the drainage holes. Once the pot is home to good healthy roots throughout the potting media, it is time to pot the plant up to the next size pot.

Our 150mm CLEAR Plastic Plant Pot are made right here in Australia, by one of our country’s largest pot manufacturers.

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