Especially ideal for Smaller Orchids

Top Diam 70mm x Height 70mm (base of pot is 50mm across)

Approx. Vol. 170 ml

70mm Slimline Orchid Pot Black is made from high quality Plastic
These 70mm Slimline Orchid Pot Black look fantastic.


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70mm Slimline Orchid Pot Black


Design and measurements;

Our 70mm Orchid Standard Pot Clear has the following measurements;

Across the Top Outside to outside – 70mm, Inside to inside – 62mm.

Height – 70mm.

Base measurement across – 50mm.


Taglok label system

These pots feature the Taglok system which locks the compatible printed labels in so they don’t come out easily!


Drainage Holes

Our Pots contain drainage holes. Each 70mm Slimline Orchid Pot Black has 6 holes – all of these are set in the outside bottom shoulder of the base, providing you with adequate drainage in a normal situation.

70mm Slimline Orchid Pot Black

70mm Slimline Orchid Pot Black

Using a Pot Clip Hanger

These small pots can be used in conjunction with the Pot Clip Hangers (as pictured on the following clear 70mm Pot). The bottom of the pot is around the same height as the clip bottom. The clip fits on most wire hanging areas. For more info & pictures of the Pot Clip, click here. 

70mm Clear Orchid Pot


Fits Seedling Tray

The 70mm Slimline Orchid Pot Black can fit 20 pots to a tray in the following different Seedling trays we sell;

Suits 4 different styles of our seedling tray

70mm Clear Orchid Pot

70mm Clear Orchid Pot

1. 349mm Seedling Tray with ridges (Restricted Drainage)

349mm Seedling Tray


2. Standard Seedling Tray (Restricted Drainage) trays

Seedling Tray Restricted Drainage


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Sphagnum Moss Hydroplanters

The ideal way to grow your plants in these great looking Plastic Grow Pots. They have good bottom drainage and feature the decorative fluted sides. Plant your orchids in these pots used by plant growers all over the country.

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