Campbell Orchid Special FLOWERING Fertiliser A (Yellow) – 3 kg

Campbell Orchid Special Fertiliser A (Yellow)

3 kg

N:P:K: 11-13-16 + Trace Elements

Water soluble fertiliser developed especially for Orchids


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Campbells Orchid Flowering Fertiliser (3KG)


Orchid “A” Fertiliser is a yellow crystalline water soluble powder for use on orchids to increase plant development and growth where plant development has been retarded through lack of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and mineral trace elements.

Applications should commence in January and continue through to end of August in temperate zones of Australia. Application period should be adjusted to coincide with orchid development phases in northern tropical and southern cooler climatic zones in Australia.

Periodic Feeding: Use 20g (1 measure spoon) of Orchid A per 7 Litres of water and apply as a normal watering every 7-14 days or as plant or soil tests indicate. Constant Feeding: This is done every time the plants are watered. The dose requirements vary between 50-75 ppm nitrogen when using Orchid “A”.

Compatibility: Compatible with most pesticides. Should not be mixed with Bordeaux mixture, Copper Sulphate or Lime Sulphur. Avoid mixing Orchid “A” with emulsified concentrate pesticide formulation. Product is compatible with Copper Oxychloride.

After flowering has finished, use Campbell Orchid “B” Fertiliser N-P-K 30-4-8 with trace elements available here;

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